Try to live without us

Makto , HR

I have always been fascinated by China and its history and culture. When I first saw a flyer for this competition during the tour of the Chinese embassy on its open-doors day in Brussels, I realized it was a perfect opportunity to fulfill my dream and visit China. This short video is not focused on the vast and rich Chinese tradition, but on its modern influence, which is becoming even bigger than throughout the history. The video shows how important China is to the whole world and how different our everyday lives would be if there was no China.

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38 thoughts on “Try to live without us

  1. Very interesting idea. In fact, a lot of things we use everyday were produced in China and a message is very clear … try to live without these things.. I’m glad for a final positive message – everything is on its place.. good idea and truth .. Well done!

  2. I am amazed how professionally and in a humorous way you managed to capture such a relevant topic – the influence of China on all of us. Well done, Matko!

  3. Nice work mate! You managed to get the message to ordinary people through your creativity 😉

    • Translation by Google Translate:
      Bass did this well directed . Congratulations and I hope your victory .