NORMAL POOL LEVEL: Fengjie Concrete Sacks Manufacturing

Jorge, ES

Normal Pool Level: “Height in meters above sea level at which a section of the river is to be maintained behind a dam.”
The Three Gorges Dam is China’s most ambitious construction since the Great Wall. In July 2012 the largest Hydroelectric project in the world was fully functional for the first time. Nevertheless, it supplies only 1.7% of the electrical demand in China.
The project and its new 660 km long reservoir generated a huge environmental and human impact in the Yangtze valley, flooding 13 cities, 140 towns and 1,352 villages, submerging nearly 8,000 years of Chinese history. It has so far forced 4 million people to relocate. New and bigger cities have been built on higher ground, keeping the same names from the ones that disappeared.



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