I’ve Never Been In China

Joaquin, BE

I've Never Been In China from joaquin.gs on Vimeo.

I’ve Never Been in China is a video project tribute to Chinese culture and his diferent references. It is through a curious look I wanted to show presence of China in the capital of Belgium. I ‘ve Never Been In China show images of modern and traditional China. Its a mixture of music, moods, colours and admiration. I suggest a trip as I imagine this great country.

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26 thoughts on “I’ve Never Been In China

  1. Super, Chine et Bruxelles…
    Wonderful pictures and animation very good
    good luck
    look my “Fine Art” Stephane BE

  2. I wonder if this is your imgination, how greater will be the reality. Good work and good luck.

  3. I’ve never been to China but after this video… I think I’ll go to this beautiful country.