How I met Chinese with 1 box on a trip

Newton , BE

ARE YOU AFRAID OF CHINA? You’ve probably heard many things about China: most crowded country, future world’s leading power… This might be the point of view you get from out of space. But what about THE REAL PEOPLE? Imagine someone would drop you in China, alone, and, why not, on Christmas Day. What would happen to you? Would you be eaten alive by Chinese? I wanted to try the experience because I believe that, we, human beings, are all the same and could easily live peacefully altogether if we could know each other a little bit more. The story tells how a little belgian has been treated by Chinese on Christmas Eve. If you like the video, VOTE, COMMENT and SHARE IT!

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60 thoughts on “How I met Chinese with 1 box on a trip

  1. Ahaha really nice! Congratulations my dear Newton, you never disappoint your audience! Another cool video!;) Très bien!

  2. Translation by Google Translate: China is a country of great love, reading was very gratifying, the final outcome people are moving surprise. Awesome!

  3. Translation by Google Translate : The idea is very original and the video is very good tour. Everything is very friendly. Yes the Chinese are great people. And Newton is extremely talented!

  4. Glad you had a good time in Taiwan, NOT PART OF CHINA. Please do not confuse Taiwan as China. Taiwan is an independent country; we elect our own president, have our own army, govern ourselves effectively… and we are trying desperately to keep it that way, ie, self governing democratically with freedom of speech and press, things China has none. Your confusing Taiwan with China is a gross transgression of Taiwan people’s human right. Please recognize the beautiful people in the video as Taiwanese, because the cardboard box you wore said so: 台灣人 (Taiwanese) not 中國人 (Chinese).

  5. Hi, It’s nice to see that you had a great time in my home country. However, I have to say, it’s actually a bit disrespectful to us to call us Chinese and people in the video might not be happy to see this. Sincerely hope you will be able to stay in Taiwan a bit longer next time and have a chance to know a bit more about the culture here.

  6. It’s a very adorable video, but are you sure you are in China? not Taiwan? Man that’s so wrong.

  7. Hello !
    This video is amazing while the place you met is actually not ” China ” it’s Taiwan!
    You should change the words better cause we would like to introduce ourselves TAIWAN not CHINA 😉

  8. Hi I came across this on facebook and found there is serious mistake. I noticed this is filmed in TAIWAN! Even on the cardboard box it says “TAIWAN 台灣” which is !! Although the relationship between Taiwan and China remains ambiguous and complicated, most Taiwanese (including those in the video) would be upset and disappointed if they knew you classified and titled this video as CHINA and published in this Chinese forum!

  9. Translation by Google Translate:Great! What a good idea to start … And what a good idea to share this good idea to start the filming and sharing on the Internet. This can give the idea of having innovative ideas to others! Good luck !

  10. please!!! It’s Taiwan not China! Do you like people to mix American and British? Or Swiss to German? Or Mexican to Spanish? Chinese and Taiwanese both speak mandarin but it doesn’t mean that we are the same!

    Taiwan is a democracy country but China is communist. It’s the basic knowledge, alright? So please, this kind of mistake is really rude and it really makes you rediculous….

  11. The place call Taiwan. Even on the broad was wrote Taiwan not China. They are different country. Please correct it in you subtitle. PLEASE!

  12. This video was shot in Taiwan… Did you ask all the you met in Taiwan whether they agreed to be called Chinese or not?

  13. the link of this webpage is “”, then on the webpage it says “How I met Chinese with 1 box on a trip”. In the video you wrote “Taiwanese” on your cardboard, but in the caption it says “Chinese”. OBVIOUSLY SPONSORED BY THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT

  14. You are in TAIWAN. The sign you’re wearing says Taiwan. You’re not in China, dude!

  15. once you start to watch on this video you definitely won’t be getting bored, as every single scenes are full of people’s friendliness and harmony in the country. And Newton was making so much fun and what a big bravo there! Congrats!!:)

  16. Heart touching video with simpathic and peace of love! No matter which country you are, there is love of the world~and this demonstrated it in real!

  17. Newton and I went to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan this December. Yes these pictures were taken in Taiwan but the Chinese as they’re mentioned in the title is like an overall appreciation of all the people we met in this great travel and they’re shown as friendly as they are, all of them, in every corner of the country. Newton is very talented and had a great idea with this movie, I also appreciate the way people are represented because I completely share the same feelings.

    I miss China and the people we met.

    So if you want to vote for an honest movie reflecting the feeling of China loving europeans, please do it right on this page.

    • I’m glad you two had fun travelling again. I thought the video was great and uplifting.

  18. Si tu gagnes le concours, tu vas avoir un lâché de confettis dans ton appart, moi je te le promets !

    • Translation by Google Translate: If you win the contest, you’re gonna have dropped confetti in your room, I promise you!

  19. Thank you Newton for the nice and funny video… and food luck for the contest!