All under the same sky

alberto, IT

I am Italian and I have never been to China but with this video I want to celebrate the 40 years of EU-China relations. For such an important anniversary, I decided to use the extremely simple and colorful images of two flags that are merging together, stating that at the end differences and distances are quite relative. We are all under the same sky and we all look at the same stars.

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12 thoughts on “All under the same sky

  1. I firmly believe that this video, by means of a simple, yet gentle performance, truly conveys a message of further cooperation between the European Union and China. The stars, which appear in both the EU and the Chinese flags, represent this effort. As for the graphics, I really enjoy the effect created by the two colors, blue and red, merging. Well done, beautiful and inspiring!

  2. This video emphasizes at once the very goal of the Chinese mission to the European Union and the further aims the two actors needs to attain: closer cooperation and deeper knowledge. Simple, yet powerful message.

  3. Red symbolizes joy and good luck in Chinese culture, and even today this color carries a strong legacy to Chinese people and culture. I like this one!

  4. 很不错! Love the message and the way you elaborate it through your colorful video!

    • Translation by Google Translate: Very nice! Love the message and the way you elaborate it through your colorful video!

  5. Bravo Alberto,
    In my opinion the mix of the colors is a great idea and your artistic video is very nice.

  6. Nice video, it made me feel part of the bigger picture!

  7. Great color contrast, inspiring music, powerful message. Flags do represent more than identities, they are proxies of greater friendships between our countries! China is enriching the EU in so many ways, and being able to explore this connection is a privilege for me! By an enthusiastic scholar on EU-China relations

  8. Congratulations for your creativity and clarity. We often wrongly focus on divergences rather than trying to appreciate common values and strengths! 非常好! Definitely a video that sticks in the audience’s mind!