A dream came true!

Kevin, BE

I am a 22 year old boy passionate about Kung-fu. I am currently studying foreign trade in Brussels, Belgium. I traveled backpack for 2 weeks in the south of China, in the Sichuan. I really enjoyed it and had plans that I did not have the chance to make. I really hope to be able to realize these plans one day. China is a really big country and there is so much to see in there that I really want to have the chance to go there many more times in my life.
With this first trip to China, I realized my dream and I hope that it will continue with this contest

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14 thoughts on “A dream came true!

  1. Royale cette vidéo !
    MERCI D’avoir partager cette vidéo !

  2. Très chouette vidéo, qui donne envie de voyager, et qui respecte cette magnifique culture. A voir absolument.

  3. I really love your video, travel, history, nature, all in one. Good luck