Gaëlle, BE
0621 Yuanyang

In 2010 I set foot on Chinese land for the first time in my life.

After three months of studying, I had to discover this great country. I set out for one month of traveling around (of course this is way too short! This is why I have been back several times and traveled more than 6 months in total, but fortunately there is still so much more to see, so I will be back!)

During this first traveling around China, I ended up in the village Yuanyang (元阳) in Yunnan Province. Everything I saw there was amazing! The views, the nature, the minority people dressed so colorful, the weather, the open market, the food, the life.

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5 thoughts on “Yuanyang

  1. There’re still a lot of view to see in China and a lot of stories to be found and to be continued, China is a magic land you will never know. This photographer came to China again in 2013 and fell in love with a cool, handsome, gentle, strong minded wise Chinese guy, this photographer not only brang the culture of China to Belgium, but also brang the awesome culture of Belgium to China. I believe China and Belgium will have more connections in the future.

  2. I like the silhouettes and the light, but would like to know more about the context of this photograph.

    • We went to Yuanyang to see the rice terraces, but we hadn’t paid attention to the fact that that period of the year, it gets quite foggy and misty in that part of Yunnan province. But we waited and waited on top of a mountain and sometimes the clouds would part just long enough to take a look at the rice terraces (one of the most beautiful sights that I saw in my life!)!

      But I was as blown away by the local folklore in the village. When we arrived there, there was a market going on (chinese open air markets are the best!!): beautiful people dressed in colourful local clothing, animals everywhere, an open air hairdresser and dentist, …
      My travel companions and I each set out by ourselves for a while and as I walked higher and higher I saw more and more men and brown donkeys. On top of the mountain there was a herd of them and this man was standing a little bit further of the rest of them, I suppose to show his child this breathtaking view… I could only agree :)

  3. Wonderfull picture! I bet the photografer is as wonderfull as the picture! Keep up the good work! X

  4. Very nice photo…it’s good to imagine the daylife of these people… what’s the animal in the foreground? A donkey?