Wild and majestic – the Great Wall

Martha, PO
0730 Wild and majestic - the Great Wall
You can see it from the space, you can see it when in Gubeikou. The Great Wall of China measures over 21,000km. The one and the only. In Gubeikou you will experience its wild and hassle-free side. For a day you can feel how it might have been to walk along the wall or to stand in the tower and to look out for not always welcomed guests from foreign territories.
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4 thoughts on “Wild and majestic – the Great Wall

  1. You captured so many beautiful features in this picture: forest, mountains, cloudy sky, and, of course, the Great Wall.

    Well done!

  2. The photo has amazing quality and it’s wonderful how there is probably no person in the sight. The portion I visited was so crowded that you could only advance at snail speed.