Wenjiang’s nightlife

Kevin, BE
0414 Wenjiang's nightlife

Wenjiang is a district outside the big city of Chengdu.
Wenjiang can be considered as a small college town, quite familly and with great animation.
In the evening I go to walk in the narrow streets to find shops, snack among different street food stand.
In this photo you can see a kind of street food stand.
We are in Sichuan so everything is very spicy, but very tasty.
if you go through chengdu do not hesitate to spend an evening in Wenjiang.

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6 thoughts on “Wenjiang’s nightlife

  1. je le trouve fantastique, pour moi c’est le rêve de toute une vie. Et je rêverais de le faire. Bravo Kevin

  2. Another picture that made me hungry! I would love to go here; when I travel I hardly ever go to restaurants, because I’d much rather wander around and eat street food. Nice contrast in colours, the red/white split on the counter and then the lights above.

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