Vision of eternity

Blandine , BE
0410 Vision of eternity

As far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated about the Middle Empire. For me, it felt like it was enveloped in a mysterious aura and I only dreamt of exploring its misty mountains, its temples surrounded by a magnificent nature.

Two years ago, my dream finally came true. I had the amazing opportunity to travel to China and visit the Great Wall. Then I saw this scenery… a real-life ink painting ! I was completely mesmerized by its beauty and couldn’t miss to immortalize the moment.

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53 thoughts on “Vision of eternity

  1. Wonderful picture.and i confirm, my little sister is in love with chinese culture and landscapes

  2. Une photo qui illustre tellement bien les richesses naturelles et spirituelles de l’Asie…

  3. There are many memorises about you. Leaving the place.we miss you.I hope i will see you in china neither photo.

  4. Can’t wait to see you again, my dear sister. Love you always. You know who I am.

  5. Blandine!nice shot and thanks for showing our beautiful China to everyone!!!love you<3

  6. Dramatic layers, with the close-up leaves and the far-off mountains. Very nice!