Brandnew Horizon of Shanghai

Fang, BE
Unparalleled contrast, when the history of Shanghai embraces its modernization

Is this an illusion? Or a dream? None of them. It is a spectacular shot from a unique angel during my recent visit to Shanghai.

When I wandered along the zigzag bridge of the famous ancient Yu Garden in the middle of the western downtown, a complete modern skyscraper intruded suddenly into my sight! There it is: the newly built 632 meters high, 128-floor Shanghai Tower has nowhere to hide but to stand, as it looks like, just next to the roof of one garden house! My astonishment at that very moment was truly beyond any words. The skyscraper stands actually kilometres away in the Pudong new area on the other side of the Huangpu River.

For me this unparalleled contrast illustrates exactly what Shanghai is: a complex of long tradition and superb modernization, a place where the prosperity of the past embraces the present.

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9 thoughts on “Brandnew Horizon of Shanghai

  1. Interesting contrast between the curves and diagonal line of the older building, and the starkness of the new one.

  2. I like the photo whit a deep contrast between tradition and modernity… in this photo the roof of the garden house in the foreground and the Shanghai tower in the background give us a superb exemple of this contrast.

  3. A perfect reflection of what Shanghai possesses: both history and modernization. Love it!

  4. Shanghai is the driving force of China’s economy, this photo grasps well the fast development of the most modern city of China, my hometown. I am proud of it!

  5. Modernization doesn’t have to sacrifice tradition. They are both beautiful and priceless and therefore should stand side by side.