Unlimited possibilities, to build Friendship

Antonio, ES
0827  Unlimited possibilities, to build Friendship

This photo was taken in Yellow Mountains, the date of my 27 birthday.

At morning, I was given a wood cane to help me climb, that made me feel a bit “old”. Together my work colleagues, I climbed the mountain and enjoyed nature landscape. At night, there was time to celebrate! so I offered my room neighbours a shot of traditional liquor “Baiju”. For my suprise, one of the presents told me this particular drink was traditional of old people. For a second, this comment made me concerned, If I would be shifting my habits too far in age, but suddenly made me smile with friends.

It was the first of several times, where locals wanted to share a photo with the visitor. Specially attentive are children, very curious about a foreigner, and usually full of questions.

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