Unlimited perspectives

Antonio, ES

This photo wants to illustrates the opportunities of development, andhow we can see life through different lenses. It was taken in the middle of a trip in Yinchuan, when a strong storm with ice, made us to stop for a while our itineary. I saw the houses around with a new beauty, immersed in this moment at the force of nature.

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2 thoughts on “Unlimited perspectives

  1. Wow,At the first sight, I was attracted by the water trail.The rain came by,remained trail on the glass.As well as our lifes ,when we went through somethings,like opportunities or risks ,good or bad things,It always leaved a trace in our herat or life, sometimes you may feel sweet or happy,sometimes you may feel pain or upset. But I think it’s depands on what lens you saw through.Like this photograph, I bet that the real sight of this photograph must not be as beauty as this illustration. I mean this beauty view owes to this amazing photographer with his lens. If you are unhappy to life,just find anthor lens to look the world.It always have a beauty sight waiting for your discovering

  2. Great example of the patterns raindrops make, and how they change our view of the outside.