Traditional dress in the grasslands

Silke, BE
0716 Traditional dress in the grasslands

One of the more downplayed beauties China has to offer is Inner Mongolia. This small part of this vast country has a whole new side to offer than what I had already seen. The grasslands, the desert, the cities that are (in a way) so different, all shape up into a place that has enchanted me. We were doing a trip on horseback through the grasslands when we came upon these two little girls. They stood near a traditional hut and were dressed up in traditional attire. They looked adorable in their bright red dressed with the grassland in the background.

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2 thoughts on “Traditional dress in the grasslands

  1. I love this entire photo – the colours, the expressions on their faces, the setting!

  2. Nice photo… I like the bright colors but I also like the joyful expression of the girls dressed with traditional costumes.