Three In One

Jean-Paul, FR
0814Three In One

Mother and son meeting President Mao on Tiananmen Square, Summer 1997. We visited our son Erwan Pouchous in Beijing who studied Chinese at the Beijing Language and Culture University and worked in China for almost four years. Visiting the Gate of Heavenly Peace and standing by the world-famous portrait of President Mao was a highlight of our visit at a time of historic change for China: “Long Live the People’s Republic of China!” and “Long Live the Great Unity of the World’s Peoples”!

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3 thoughts on “Three In One

  1. You can tell the picture is from the 1990s by the clothing fashion and by the distinct picture colors. I guess back in those days, only a handful of western people would consider going to China. I see here a picture of two smart and open-minded people. Cheers! ^^

  2. Yes, you can tell it is back in 1990’s because locals say, Mao is getting younger and younger in a portrait.

    But indeed, I love this picture !