The Panda Woman

Katerina , CZ
0830 The Panda Woman

Every time I was passing the house with the blue windows in Brussels and statues of the giant pandas behind them I was curious who lives there. And why he or she exposes these types of statues? Few days ago I found the answer. Laurence is 48-year-old youthful looking lady who works as a secretary in a nursery. Why I called her the Panda Woman? Since she was 10-year-old girl she has started collecting everything with the motif of the giant panda. Overall, she might have 3000 items: the small statues, pictures, decorative things, clothes, toys, bed sheets, clocks, calendars, art pieces and even the mat with the picture of panda she owns. She is interested also in a research about these extraordinary black-and- white bears, how they live and give the birth. Her story you can find in the essay section of this competition.

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    • Dear Philippe, thank you very much for your comment. I was really surprised which kind of story was hidden beyond those windows.