The old town of Yunyang

Jorge, ES
0728 The old town of Yunyang

When the old town of Yunyang was demolished and almost completely submerged, some of its inhabitants refused to leave. Today, its architectural landscape is an appalling mix between ruins and unfinished new constructions; a disheartening and tragically stunning landscape. A small coal briquette factory operates in the Yunyang, producing one of the most basic items in the area. Ironically, despite all the energy generated by the Three Gorges Dam, these small towns still rely mostly on fossil fuels. Amazed by the beautiful and extremely functional design of these little briquettes, Rubio was invited by the owners to produce one on site, which he deliberately elevated to the category of sculpture. The piece aims to represent the inner conflict the artist went through while visiting this abandoned town.



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One thought on “The old town of Yunyang

  1. The gaping windows and broken rocks really sum up the heartbreak of this area.