The old town of Fengdu (submerged)

Jorge, ES
0728 The old town of Fengdu (submerged)

A man swims across the Yangtze River at the exact point where the old town of Fengdu lays underwater. Fengdu was an important tourist spot thanks to its Ghost Town, but most of it has been submerged together with the old Fengdu. A new relic park is being built for touristic purposes but the meaning of this sacred place, more than 2000 years old, is lost to the locals.


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3 thoughts on “The old town of Fengdu (submerged)

  1. This is great – a photograph of the absence. The muted colours are perfect, with that one tiny spot of red and white.

  2. Beautiful photo… the water of the river and the grey sky seem to blend into a single uniform background.