The Humble Administrator’s Garden (Zhuozheng Yuan) of Suzhou

Fang, BE
0506 The Humble Administrator’s Garden (Zhuozheng Yuan) of Suzhou

Classical Chinese garden design, which seeks to recreate natural landscapes in miniature, is nowhere better illustrated than in the nine gardens in the beautiful waterside city of Suzhou, also renowned as the “Oriental Venice” in Jiangsu Province of China. Among these, the Humble Administrator’s Garden, built first during the Shaoxing period (1131-1162) of the Southern Song Dynasty., is the largest, finest and most renowned one. Due to its unique designs and ethereal beauty, the garden is proclaimed a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

The classical gardens of Suzhou were first originated from the ancient Chinese intellectuals’ desire to harmonize with nature while cultivating their temperament. They are the finest remnants of the wisdom and tradition of ancient Chinese intellectuals.

I took this photo as it embodies an everlasting tranquillity, perfection, relax, eternity, paradise and it certainly brings me back to 30 years ago when I first saw it……

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3 thoughts on “The Humble Administrator’s Garden (Zhuozheng Yuan) of Suzhou

  1. I love the way the buildings are nestled within the trees and the water, so we get the sense of how they’re placed within nature.