The army of the first Emperor of China

Pascale, FR
0715 The army of the first Emperor of China

Born 200 years before the Common Era,crowned king at the age of 13 and emperor of a vast empire at 38:Qin Shihuang was the first Emperor of the “Middle Kingdom” and the Qin Dynasty gave China its modern name.In order to protect his dominion,the emperor mustered a mighty army.This was the strongest pillar of his earthly power and he certainly didn’t want to relinquish it in the afterlife.He had 8000 terracotta soldiers made and deployed them around his mausoleum.They were supposed to accompany him after death,protect him and fight for him.Shattered into thousands of tiny fragments,the first remains of the army reappeared in the year 1974.Celebratedas the”eighth wonder of the world”,the find is one of the greatest archaeological sensations of the 20 th centurythe exciting excavations are still underway with no end in sight.

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  1. I think that “Terracotta Army” is one of the most beautiful masterpiece created by man…