Taking a Break

Benjamin, BE
0623 Taking a break

Second day in Xi’an:

While I’m getting ahead of my friends to take some pictures I notice this young man taking a break with a narrow alley behind him. I tried to conceal my camera and waited for the opportune moment which happened a few seconds later when an old man showed up right behind him.

I was glad the picture turned out good because often the things you perceive and want to share are hard to capture.

One of things I love portraying is how similar people are whatever place in the world they come from, so seeing this behaviour that I’ve seen countless of time in my culture grabbed my interest.

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3 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Dear Ben,
    I am Ruth,nice to know you!
    I know your pictures from your father Frank,he is a great father who try to share your picture to all his friends.

    I am not a professional photograher and i know little about you.
    While your cameras likes the simplest life, such as a chef in break, a working young man , a quite urban place with no-mowing grass, those are very original and natural. i wonder what attract your camera?

    Best Regards

  2. Dear Ben;
    I am George Chu from Shanghai,China.Nice to meet you here.I got your price from your father Mr Frank,who is a great father to share his son picture to all of his friend.
    Here I would like to say that your picture shows the living suitation in China.I hope we can take more wonderful photos in China.and keep on your hobby and become a great photograher !

    Best regards

    George Chu

  3. Candid shots are definitely the ones which capture people clearly. The round metal thing in the front right is a nice contrast to all the vertical lines in the photograph.