Miriam, DE

When I first heard abut this place I was confused: a temple, a spot, in the middle (and on a decent hight!) of the Himalaya. What?! Why? How? Who lives here? Who built this? When? And why? Sounded like a mystical, magic place.

A forty hours train, a nine hours bus; two nights and two days later I arrived from Shanghai in Shangri-La. Green mountains, meadows, trees, lakes, nature, nature, nature as far as the eye can see. And then suddenly, in the middle of nowhere a golden temple standing proud and visible to see, aware of his astonishing beauty.

I mean, Pudong is impressive, of course. But not comparable to this.

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One thought on “Shangri-La

  1. I like the colours, and the way there are so many lines crossing at different angles (not just the flags, but the mountains and temple).