Shanghai Sleepless Beauty

Fang, BE
Shanghai Sleepless Beauty

Similar to some other metropolitans in the world, Shanghai never sleeps. Her night view is perhaps more mysterious and colorful than scenery during the day.
You could get this marvelous and unique experience by sitting quite relaxed in one of the revolving restaurants in Shanghai, just as how I took this photo. I have chosen a self-revolving restaurant on Huaihai Road, Shanghai’s no.1 fashion street, observing the stunning night view in a restaurant on the 39th floor of a building through its round glass wall, whilst tasting the delicious local food. The whole floor turns a circle approximately every two hours which allows me to have a 360 degree continuous view of Shanghai night life. You could only catch this beautiful night view as presented in the photo once every two hours.

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12 thoughts on “Shanghai Sleepless Beauty

  1. This photo is a most recent photo of Shanghai with the completion of the highest building in the new skyline — Shanghai Tower on the right side of the photo.

  2. I love Shanghai my home town. I missed every thing there, the lovely Shanghainese food, city life, people & my mother tongue Etc. I have been living in Melbourne too long (unfortunately). I will come back one day. Falling leaves looking to return to the roots one day.

  3. Evocative photograph, with all the neon rising out of the darkness, but not overpowering it completely.

  4. The photographer masterfully captured the beauty of one of the greatest cities of the present.

  5. This photo entirely reflects that Shanghai is a rising star in the East, a real good one!

  6. Wow what a beautiful metropolitan, this photo has awaken my desire to visit Shanghai one day!

  7. Shanghai is indeed a sleepless city, the shops, restaurants and café’s are open around the clock. Love it and miss it!