Shanghai skyscraper – view from taxi

Mihaela, RO
08:24 Shanghai skyscraper - view from taxi

Shanghai is a beautiful, modern and safe town, with beautiful surroundings. A town to be seen better in the evening, the Huangpu River, with all the boats floating on it, with a lot of lightings in different colors, with The Bund where young couples are taking their first pictures as family (dressed in red or man wearing red clothes for luck) and Oriental Pearl Tower on the other side waiting for you to visit it. A town to be seen no matter the weather.

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7 thoughts on “Shanghai skyscraper – view from taxi

    • Thank you very much, I just found out about this contest Sunday and I try as hard as I can to get votes. I was traveling to China in 2013 and 2014 sent from the company I worked for and I enjoy a lot the time spent there, even it was hard to move from town to town sometimes daily. I’d like to go there as a tourist to really enjoy beautiful China.

  1. Great picture. The choice of black and white makes the fog more ominous, and the vanishing building more dramatic.

  2. At the end of the submission I want to say “Thank you” to all known and unknown friends who gave me their votes. This made me feel more confident about my work and maybe I succeed in showing a piece of beautiful China. Good luck to all the contestants.