Qufu – Confucius Temple

Mihaela , RO
24:08 Qufu - Confucius Temple

To feel the greatness and splendor throughout history you have to see Confucius Temple in Qufu. A great place, where peace seems to have caught inside all wisdom and where you hear whispering in your ears the teachings of Confucius. The rooms preserves the scent of old times and you’d expect that from any moment to see its occupants that gives you a cup of tea and gardens invite you to walk in the alleys with all flower scents that surround you

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4 thoughts on “Qufu – Confucius Temple

  1. I love the circular framing! As if we’re watching a snippet of someone’s life.

  2. At the end of the submission I want to say “Thank you” to all known and unknown friends who gave me their votes. This made me feel more confident about my work and maybe I succeed in showing a piece of beautiful China. Good luck to all the contestants.