Qingdao City – Shandong Province

Steven, BE
0421 Qingdao City - Shandong Province

青島不只有啤酒 Qingdao is not only about beer.

Qingdao – biggest city of the province of Shandong – has been erected by the Germans during the late 19 century and still conserves interesting Bayern style center of historical interest. It has been built in the idea to make it a new Nice on the coast of North China.

Since, the city has been occupied by Japan and USA. Now it has become China’s fourth most important harbor and important economic center with a very modern business area. Qingdao is definitely a multi-faced city that deserves a photo-book of its own!

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11 thoughts on “Qingdao City – Shandong Province

  1. Superb shot: light, athmosphere, composition and proportion between see, city and sky

  2. Lovely skyline, and it’s nice the way the different shapes of the boats seem to echo the buildings.