On the Great Wall – finally!

Szabolcs , HU
0731 On the Great Wall - finally!

My husband had been planning to visit China for25 years. The story started when he saw the movie “The Last Emperor” in 1990. It took him quite some time to make a plan, but finally in 2007 he bought the plane tickets. Unfortunately the trip had to be cancelled due to family reasons. He missed another chance in 2008 to see the Beijing Olympic Games. The next attempt was in 2009 but again no luck; as there were problems at the workplace, that trip did not take place either. 2012 turned out to be another misfortunate year; everything was planned in advance but a last-minute sickness made it impossible to travel. Finally, in 2013 he made it! He spent a week in Beijing, and even made it to the Great Wall; he also visited his friends working at CASS and CRI. He hopes that the next visit will be easier to achieve.

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