Old town

Gaëlle, BE
0621 Old town

I have lived in Shantou, Guangdong Province during two months. I must have been to and seen almost every square metre of the city during that time because I was always going out to discover everything!

Of all the places I have been to in Shantou, not one of them is more interesting, beautiful and exciting than the old town. You feel like walking in an old, ruined European imperialistic town; trees grow out of houses; one can can never tell if a place is still inhabited or not, but life goes on, there is a daily open market, … This relieves me, knowing that it is not yet on the brink of disappearing.

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3 thoughts on “Old town

  1. I admire the photographer, she’s a real traveler who likes discovering the unknown places in China, she even knows more of this kind of non-touristic place than me. She’s brave and smart, photos are not taken very good but idea is awesome! Vote if you like.

  2. I like how the sense of decay (windows without glass, broken frames) is balanced by the way nature is determined to keep growing.

  3. In this photo, the trees that grow on the ruines seem to emphasize the power of the life.