My Chinese wedding – giving away the bride

Koen, BE
0705 My Chinese wedding - giving away the bride

On April 10, 2014, I married the woman I love. Though she came from far, followed me to Belgium, I followed her to China, we finally could grasp all our past adventures and emotions on this beautiful day. More than 400 people joined us in Xinxiang, Henan Province, to see one of the most emotional moments of that day: a Chinese father giving away his daughter, giving his blessing to his future son-in-law. Tears of happiness, tears of sadness, all captured in this beautiful moment.

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19 thoughts on “My Chinese wedding – giving away the bride

  1. mijn haren op mijn armen kwamen recht te staan als ik het filmpje bekeek en ook de prachtige foto van de vader die zijn dochter wegschenkt

    • Translation by Google Translate:
      Pretty Pretty incredible!
      and also different from ours

  2. A really beautiful picture of you all. I hope your photo gets recognized in the competition.

  3. May you two live happily together!

    The father’s face expression displays a powerful feeling of joy.

  4. A photo full of emotion, this is life, emotion, feelings. Congratulations.