Men: Soap bubbles over West Lake

Zhelyana, BG
0828 Men Soap bubbles over West Lake

A small boy is blowing soap bubbles over the West lake on a lazy New Year day in Hangzhou. Far in the distance you could see tourist boats and a few fountains jumping into the air. The figure of the man-boy is missing. As if his only presence in this world can be felt by the evanescent bubbles of joy that he leaves behind.

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3 thoughts on “Men: Soap bubbles over West Lake

  1. Very impressive picture. I had the luck to see West Lake on a beautiful autumn day, and hear the singing water spectacle, it’s beautiful

  2. Amazing picture – mostly shades of grey except for the beautiful iridescence of the bubbles.

  3. This is an artwork more than a photo… the colors of the soap bubbles hightlight on the grey background… very good picture, Zhelyana.