Let the race begin!

Lukas , LT
Let the race begin!

Place: Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China).
Activity: First horse racing event after the Chinese New Year of Goat (羊) has come.
Who: Tall laowai or gwailo (老外 or 鬼佬, meaning: foreigner) experiencing horse racing for the first time!
T-shirt: 我不是壞人 (meaning: “I am not a bad person”). However, in the picture you can only see “Bad Person”.

GET SET, READY, GO! 羊年大吉! (Fortune in the New Year of Sheep!)

For me this picture is not about gambling. It represents the cultural exchanges of Europe and China. This racecourse was first built in 1845 to provide horse racing for the British people in Hong Kong, and nowadays it is extremely popular among locals and people from Mainland China. It is fascinating what cultural ties can bring!

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2 thoughts on “Let the race begin!

  1. To my BIG surprise and excitement, I did! Placed my bets in two first races and won in both :) Bets were placed on favourite jockeys and with least probability.. But around me people were really into it and I have pictures where they are studying all the information in the special rooms with big screens, charts etc.. Crazy industry, when you think about it..