Learning Chinese

Sandra, ES

Last summer I decided to leave Spain and to go and study in Beijing for three years. I have always been fascinated by the Chinese language, I have never understood why, it just happened. I have always been interested in the Chinese culture, traditions and way of thinking. Again, I have never understood why! Again, it just happened.

This is me in the picture practising the Chinese art of calligraphy. I believe by learning a different culture you enrich yourself and you take down cultural barriers. I really wish that many more European and Chinese people would do the same so we could learn from each other and enrich ourselves with each other’s culture.

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2 thoughts on “Learning Chinese

  1. After seeing this photo, I bought a book of “Introduction to the Chinese writing”…
    Thank you, Sandra…

  2. I love calligraphy, and the way this picture is composed really brings full attention to the writing – the pencil, the fingers, and the hair all direct our gaze to the letters. I also like the decision to have this in black and white rather than colour.