Food, drink, man, woman

Li , IT
0821Food, drink, man, woman

this project and the chinese text is based on Confucius texts: what really interests people are drink food man and woman.
This installation is a tribute to life itself.
Visitors can enter the space between the seven light layers and be part of the artwork. Their body can change the light and the transparency. Each layer has made in a different technique to represent the different ways of painting: light, dark, coloured, sprayed. The space between the layers can be changed to be part of a living space that can be functional or esthetical as you like, not always put at the same distance.
And wind or a human breath is welcome to give the artwork a new unexpected life.
The title Salome is because there are 7 veils, like the 7 veils of Salome’s dance in the Bible.

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