Laila, BE
0831 F1

I love watching F1 on the TV. I was so proud to see the Shanghai’s circuit!上海国际赛车场 Unfortunatly I miss the racing. maybe I can see the formula one next year !
In common with many other new Formula One circuits, it was designed by Hermann Tilke, and also features his trademark track feature: a long back straight followed by a hairpin turn. Current-generation F1 cars can easily surpass 300 km/h (186 mph) on the long straight between corners 13 and 14. The track layout was inspired from the Chinese character shang (上) the first character in the name of the city Shanghai, meaning “above” or “ascend”.
Other events held at the circuit include a round of the MotoGP world championship, the Australian-based V8 Supercar championship in 2005, attracting crowds of over 250,000 spectators, and also the final round of the A1 Grand Prix in 2006/2007

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