Everything in its right place

Eugenia, IT
0507 Everything in its right place

香格里拉市, 2009
China has to be discovered. When travelling around Yunnan province, I fell in love with the little towns scattered throughout the mountains. Shangri La will always have a special place in my heart. The man in the picture invited me to sit next to him on a bench up to an hill. We stared at the landscape in silence, no words at all. The silence between us and the amazing view left me with a breathless feeling of the fullness of life. Everything seemed to be in the right place.

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4 thoughts on “Everything in its right place

  1. Grand scope – from the landscape in the background to the man and his smaller shadow in the front.

  2. A great view from the side of China which still remained traditional, untouched by the waves of modernity. I hope that at least some parts of the west-country will still remain like this in the future, for touristic purposes.