Dragon Stand – Chinese Pavilion in Brussels

Lisiane , BE
0712Dragon Stand - Chinese Pavilion in Brussels

I really love this peaceful park in Brussels (near the Atomium). It’s beautiful and relaxing. You are walking and suddendly you are in front of the amazing Chinese Pavilion, with its golden details and mystic figures. You turn your head and see the Japanese Tower. Unfortunately, the three Chinese, Japanese and Far East museums are closed… I hope they will open soon again to show all wonderful pieces of art from Asia!

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Stand – Chinese Pavilion in Brussels

  1. I like that the photograph is taken from the inside of the pavilion, so we feel like we’re inside it, too.

  2. I remember when I saw the first time this pavillon… an amazing experience, seeing a part of China in the hearth of Brussels… Congratulations for the photo, very detailed.