Dragon Boat Festival in Shanghai

Anne, IE
0721 Dragon Boat Festival in Shanghai

I was looking around to see where the events were happening for the dragon boat festival in Shanghai. Apparently, I missed the biggest event, because there was no one around near where the boats should have been. I kept walking and ended up near a park and decided to see if there was anything interesting there to take photos of. There were a lot of performers there, dressed up as though they had a full production in a theater. This woman was using a string and rod to spin cups while performing. It was impressive.

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Boat Festival in Shanghai

  1. I love how there’s barely any space in this photograph without a person in it. It shows the crowdedness very well!

  2. Very nice photo… I didn’t know this festival but, after I’ve seen your picture, I will look for more information about it.