Chinese people love EU citizens

Agne, LT
0501 Chinese people love EU citizens

Chinese people love taking pictures. We were a group of 6 EU citizens travelling in Shanghai. Every time we stopped at the famous attraction to take a picture of, we found ourselves surrounded by the Chinese people taking pictures of us. We were asked to pose with many of them and to hold their babies, so we made many friends. (In the background of this picture you can see a famous Shanghai skyline).

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3 thoughts on “Chinese people love EU citizens

  1. The pinks (and, to a lesser extent, the blues) in the foreground really make this photo pop!

  2. No matter how random you are, you will always be treated like a star in China, as a western foreigner. I once remember how a Chinese man asked me to appear in a photo along with his wife, not to mention the several young people who asked me for the same thing.

    Unfortunately, as more and more foreigners pour into China, they will not be as interesting anymore and the Chinese will start treating them normally.

    Every western foreigner should go visit China and experience this kind of attention before it fades out.