Chinese Opera mask

Irena , BG
0708Chinese Opera mask

Hello everybody! It’s difficult to explain how i was inspired to make this mask. In general, I’m very fond of Chinese art – drawings of peaceful landscape, dansers and musical instrument players, flowers, birds… I find the Chinese drawings incredibly fine and elegantly done and bringing along immense relaxation. Initially, I thought of making a drawing on a subject related to China.The idea of the mask came later on when I saw by chance some masks on the internet and I really liked the idea as I have had the chance to learn recenly the Powertex sculpture technique. The mask you see on the photo is elaborated by me with the help of powertex and related materials, perls, small decorative stones, merino wool, etc. For the combination of colours, I have used the mask model, which I downloaded from internet – Chinese Opera from Beijing mask.

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Opera mask

  1. Opera of Beijing Mask – fantastic way to reveal the mysteries of the Chinese soul and spirit!

  2. Georgeous mask, and the whiteness against the darker background really draws the eye to it.