Chinese chop making

Sabine , DE
0712Chinese chop making

It is said that in China, a signature chop has the same weight as a signature does in our Western culture. Well, I can’t say if this is true. They are made from precious stones and look very nice. Signature chops are quite often seen on Chinese artworks. My Chinese ink painting teacher said that an art work will be not complete without a signature and the corresponding signature of the artist. I also use them to sign my paintings although a very beginner but I think it looks so nice. Here, you can see a chop maker while he is making my chop. Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China – 2013

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10 thoughts on “Chinese chop making

  1. The photo has been taken at the night market in Hangzhou Dr. Lu. The man was very kind and I think I will go to see him again. I still have this chop. It lays on my desk next to my Jade dragon… beautiful memories…

  2. Fantastic detail on his hands – we can read his years of work in the dirt and cracks.

  3. Thank you Sabine for sharing this photo and for detailed description (I admit that I did’nt know the “Chinese chop making”)

    • I was informed that I have made some spelling and grammar mistakes. But honestly, who cares as long we all understand the meaning and see this beautiful craftsmanship and its result, a wonderful chop! :)