China girl

Valerie, BE
0520 China girl

I am a French instructor in Belgium and I teach people coming from all over the world.
I often have chinese attending my class.
This year, as David Bowie would say, I met ” my little China girl”. Deborah and I became good friends.
She came one day all dressed up in her traditionnal chinese outfit. She was so pretty that I couldn’t help myself from taking photos.
Unlimited photos but I chose this one. The details of her dress, the gracefullness of her hand, her nailpolish so bright, so red and her bracelet.

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4 thoughts on “China girl

  1. The nail polish and the bracelet, which stand out strongly against the black, make the photo pop. Since both colours are echoed in the dress, the different elements are connected, which gives it a nice coherence.

  2. I think that this photo is very nice… I like the colorful details of the dress… and I think that the red in the foreground enhances the whole picture.