Ceramic rooftop

Valerie, BE
0520 Ceramic rooftop

China has always aroused my curiosity.
I took this picture last year in April as I was visiting the Summer Palace in Beijing.
It was my very first time in China and I loved it.

To me, this ceramic rooftop represents China unlimited.
Unlimited tradition, history, art, food, landscapes, people, tourism, beauty, thoughtfulness and future.

I saw a very small part of the country and I definitely want to see more of it .

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3 thoughts on “Ceramic rooftop

  1. I love this picture! Gargoyles and grotesques fascinate me, and the different shades of gray, as well as the depth provided by the tree in the background, make this photograph stand out.

  2. Bravo Valerie,
    beautiful photo and nice idea to take the photo in black and white… this choice highlights the history of the place…