Behind the Window

Katerina, CZ
0830 Behind the Window

Every time I was passing the house with blue windows and statues of the giant pandas behind them I was curious who lives there. And why he or she exposes these types of statues? Few days ago I found the answer. Laurence works in Brussels as a secretary in a nursery. Since she was 10-year-old girl she has started collecting everything with the motif of the giant panda. Overall, she might have 3000 items: the small statues, pictures, small decorative things, teddies, clothes, toys, bed sheets, clocks, calendars, art pieces… She proudly shows to the world what is the real treasure for her. You can find her story in the essay section of this competition.

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One thought on “Behind the Window

  1. I bet people are surprised when they walk past, not expecting to see so many pandas there. :)