Treasures of Chinese Culture

Matyáš, CZ
0728 Treasures of Chinese Culture

My artwork may look simple but it hides a great message. There are two characters depicting values of the Chinese culture. The first one (“ren”) stands for “people” or “human being”. It is an important component of number of other characters, such as “ren” that represents human-heartedness – an expression of the Confucian ideals. The other one is “wen”, which means “characters”, “literature” or “culture” – the core of the Chinese civilization. Instead of the traditional calligraphy, I have printed the characters. The process of printing was known in Europe as well. For instance, the construction of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg led to the mass spread of literature and education in Europe. The characters are printed on a sheet of handmade paper, a Chinese invention that is widely used around the world. China unlimited indeed!


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