Carl , SE
0720 Together

The painting reflects the children who will create the future relations between China and Europe.
Who knows what their future will be? China and Europe are now much more equal partners, and I believe that China will inevitably surpass Europe in most respects. I hope to be there in 40 years to observe the results!

SIze : 120 x 80 cm
Acrylic on canvas , 2015

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71 thoughts on “Together

  1. Great artist from my country with an interesting technique and above all an enormous perspective of the world and a deep vision into the different cultures
    shout out to him !

    • Magnifique travail et de très belles œuvres de CASH que j’ai pu découvrir grâce à son père, Bjorn HULTIN, à un retour en train de la mer ! Que le trajet m’a paru court ! Que j’aimerais rencontrer cet artiste et les œuvres en réel ! Bravo !

      • Translation by Google Translate:
        Beautiful work and very beautiful works CASH that I discovered thanks to his father , Bjorn Hultin , a train back to the sea! That the journey seemed to me short! I ‘d like to meet this artist and works in real ! Congratulations!

  2. 好办到的卡尔!我们都想欧亚关系是在进步的。

    • Translation: Very beautiful picture! We are all thinking that EU-Asia relations are improving. Wish you a lot of success!

    • Translation: Congratulations and thank you for sharing this great talent with us.

  3. Very sensitive, sweet and smart solution and vision by talented artist. Fresh colours and beautiful style! Sensitive touch of an artist`s handwriting.Great painting! The painting has the miraculous power to change the world.

    Sincerely Mery Crystal Ra
    glass sculptor/painter/ light and glass artist

  4. Sometimes power ideas and visions are illustrated in the most innocent way – a credit to Carl!

  5. With a lot of appreciation of the message from the future artist for the future generation

  6. … sensitive and visionary artist, great arts piece … even if I think it is not about “surpassing one the other”, but about “mutual respect” and “finding an answer to the problems we have created and left for the next generations” …

  7. Il will vote pour the painting of CASH. I like this idea of building the future with two young childrens.

    • Translation by Google: We welcome art and the initiative from the Dominican Republic.

  8. A great artist with a vision, inspired by the worlds reality. Respect and support to that! Keep going Carl!

  9. A great painting with an inspiring theme. Thanks for sharing your great talent with us. Bill & Lynda

  10. You have created a masterpiece and by the number of votes, I believe you will be a nominee at this category, which you actually deserve.
    I also want to say that China has already surpassed Europe by far and what is now important for us Europeans is to become friends with the Chinese. The Americans will probably try to alter the EU-China relationships since those are not in their interest.

  11. Such a talented and an original artist with a great taste.
    All his sketches are very nice, I hope that he will have a bright future in art, he deserves it!

  12. Beaucoup de talents et d’originalité avec toujours cette recherche de débat et de questionnement sur le métissage et le futur prometteur qu’il réserve.

    • Translation by Google Translate:
      Many talents and originality always with the research of debate and questioning of interbreeding and the promising future that reserve.

  13. Belle œuvre d’un artiste belge talentueux et motivé.

    Ça fait plaisir à voir.

    • Translation by Google Translate:
      Beautiful work of a talented and motivated Belgian artist.

      It’s nice to see.