The eternal values of China

Szilvia, HU
0626 The eternal values of China

China, which is situated in the Far East, can take pride in its enchanting, fabulous spots. We can enjoy breathtaking views.
Ancient China had great traditions and wonderful past, full of mystical treasures, which has played a great part in the life of the country so far.

In the drawing, I tried to show, the most common things, what comes to mind for me about China.

Black magic marker drawing A3 size.

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9 thoughts on “The eternal values of China

  1. Nice one!!!!

    It’s took u how long to do this? it’s very nice! :)

    I’m a little bit curious about something.. If i send my work, after how long time are they published/admitted?

    • Hello Shaine,
      To answer your question: every piece of art that we receive has to go through a validation process first. We have a team here checking that everything is ok! It can take from 1 hour to a few days, depending on a lot of factors :) If the submission is non-eligible, then we contact you to inform you and ask for changes if needed (for example, to receive a better description because yours is too short).
      We advise you to check out the rules of play before submitting your work to avoid any delay for the publication (

      Good luck if your participate!

      The China Unlimited team.

    • Thanks, Shaine!

      Anyone who likes to draw, it does not matter the time! :)