The Country of the Living Dragon

Pencho , BG
0605The Country of the Living Dragon

This is a contrast between traditional and modern China. Chinese people call their country chung-kuo meaning “centre of the world” and today in the 21th c. this is valid more than ever.  A nation that knows its rich cultural past and looks forward its bright future.

Pudong, Shanghai – symbol of modern industrial and technologized China. This area of futuristic sky-scrapers, rush traffic, business people in suits and, of course, the Oriental Pearl Tower. A place where important decisions are taken, which are going to influence trade and business in all the parts of our planet. One day, people will admire Pudong as we admire the Imperial Palace today.

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6 thoughts on “The Country of the Living Dragon

  1. This is actually the Pudong as it looked back in the 1990s … a long time ago, lacking many of its present-day iconic buildings.

  2. This is fine art; it’s not photo-copying. It shouldn’t look exactly the same, as you once saw it ..