The Chinese Dream

Niels, NL
0425 The Chinese dream

“If I can make it there,
I’ll make it anywhere.
It’s up to you, New York, New York.”

In the 90’s when the Shanghai Pudong area was still a farmland, the American dream represented by the image of the Manhattan skyline has dominated the bedroom wall of many aspiring European students as being the ultimate exchange destination. Where the turn of the century has tragically torn down the image of American dream, a new skyline has arisen in the East. The East used to be a ‘far from our bed story’, International exchanges between European and Asian students have awoken interest in the East with more students going to China than the US. With our future laying in the hands of today’s student, the Shanghai Pudong skyline on the student bedroom wall is the ultimate representation of the renewed EU-China relations.

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6 thoughts on “The Chinese Dream

  1. I like how this one is finally one of the few artworks that does not focus on traditional stereotypical perception of China, but on contrary – underlines the modernity of this country.

  2. This is the best one for me, the only one that really matches the underlying idea of the contest (and a good story), great work!