Solving crossword with my brother

Yanislav , BG
0821Solving crossword with my brother

“Tell me something about China, please!” said my little brother yesterday. So I decided to create this “home scrabble game”, because I know how much he loves to solve crosswords with me. I included some of the most recognizable facts about China and some of the common traits between Europe and China – Respect (between EU and China), Horoscope (Chinese), History, European Union (our relations with China), Panda, Kungfu, Friendship (between EU and China), Culture, Traditions, Economy, Beijing, The Great Wall of China, Values and Food (Chinese). It was really fun and beneficial game for him. I was really happy and proud to teach him some facts about China and our relations with it. “When you believe in your dreams and work hard for them, they will come true”- was my lesson for him. What about my own dream? My dream is to visit China someday!

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41 thoughts on “Solving crossword with my brother

  1. A lot of great arts here, but this one is really creative and cool! Good job, Yanislav!

  2. Chinese food <3 Panda <3 Chinese Horoscope <3 I really love so much these chinese things! Great idea, Yanislav, congrats :))))

  3. Excellent selection of words for this crossword. Most creative in this selection ;)))

  4. Excellent choice of words. You are describing your Chinese-EU lesson to your little brother really creative and interesting. Bravo, Yani!

  5. пожелавам ти успех, много добра идея си измислил!

  6. So good! We can see “CHINA UNLIMITED” in the crossword in red colour, but check the horizontal lines above it in blue. I can red “I CAN BE – EU – CHINA UNLIMITED” It is a fortuity? I like it!!

    • Hehe, Dimiter. Yes, It was my hidden message in the crossword. It was really hard to think how to create it, but…I made it! “I can be – EU – China Unlimited” I am happy that you found it! I have something more. You can see scattered stars everywhere (because you can find stars on the EU and Chinese flags), but check out the upper right corner. You can see 1 big star and 5 little stars. It is like Chinese flag 1 big star and 4 little stars, but I added one more – for Europe. It symbolizes the relationship between us (in my eyes). Also That’s why I used blue, yellow and red colour – red and yellow (because of China) and blue and yellow (because of EU). Thanks again, Dimiter! / 謝謝

  7. …hehehe, even the pencil is made in China! Really creative crossword drawing. You’re real EU-CHINA marketing specialist, Yani :-)

  8. Really this Cross words are getting my concentration.Totally Intresting….!!

  9. Dear Jury,

    Today is the last day of “China Unlimited” creative contest, so I would like to say “Thank you”!

    It was really great possibility for us, the participants in the contest, to share with you our creative pics, drawings, essays and videos.

    In the end, I would like to say to you, to check out carefully the rows above “CHINAUNLIMITED” in my crossword. I have a few hidden messages more. In the upper row, just in the center, you can find “EU”, so summarized my message is ” EU – China Unlimited” /I decided “EU” to be on a blue background, because It was more interesting (and harder) for my brother to find it/. On the second row up is my message “I can be”. Yes, I can be EU-China Unlimited. You can be EU-China Unlimited. Everybody can be!

    I have few more hidden messages, but you can find them if you read comments above.

    Thank you for the contest and good luck to all participants and best wishes to the jury!

    Yanislav Iliev