Paulina , PO

My #china project was inspired by a trip to China I did in 2013. Walking the streets at night, I was impressed by how rich the colors were. I was born and raised in a city and for that reason cities have always been a great source of inspiration for my art. The neon signs, by most regarded as trashy and tawdry, i would see as an extraordinary mosaic of different colors and shapes. A mosaic you cannot experience in this shape in any european city. With my paintings I want to share chinese cities` unusual beauty and unique charm.

Oil on canvas, 70×70 cm, 2015

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2 thoughts on “#shanghai

  1. I imagine that the abundance of neons of many shapes and colours may cause brief moments of dizziness and disruption of view. Especially at first sight. Maybe it’s because of sensation of being lost by lack of known, distinctive landmark or maybe because of intoxication from the aura of entirely different culture. Or maybe both. Either way it sure must be an interesting experience. There is no way to get completely lost though. The glowing rectangles eventually define some of the structures. Sometimes quite vividly, other times merely pulling them out of photographic darkness. Then some visual clues of perspective reveal. A vanishing point looms. The lights start to guide us again.

  2. Great piece! It really evokes the streets of chinese cities by night. And the colours are amazing.